Friday, August 27, 2010

Lovely Things: Hand Written Correspondence

Something that I feel is a lost art in today's culture is hand written correspondence. Yes, I did grow up with a thank-you note Nazi for a mother, but that's not what I'm talking about today.
Today, I am talking about writing a note just to write one. Peyton and I have a dear friend, Virginia, who sent us this card in the mail last week:

Now, congratulations via text and Facebook are wonderful, but there is something so personal about a card that someone took the time to pick out, write a personal note, address, and pay postage for. That, to me, says that she cares a lot about us. Within this brief little note, Virginia congratulated us, complimented us, and encouraged us. She made us feel special.

Isn't that an important thing? A worthy goal? To make the people in our lives feel special? I think so.

I will be the first to say I don't do this often enough. As one of my 101 goals over 1001 days, I intended to write a "letter of encouragement" to someone at least once a week. Well, I was a bit ambitious. Having a child (albeit a very easy going, well behaved child) was a bit more of a time constraint than I anticipated. Ahem. That said, you make time for the things that are important to you and in this endeavor, I have failed mightily. Virginia's note showed me how important such a thing is, though, and that I must not let it go. Corresponding with ink and paper is something I will chose to be diligent about.

***Images in this post courtesy of Country Living and our sweet friend.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to the Days....

I decided that I wanted to start a "throw-back blog" after becoming interested in a blog Peyton follows called The Art of Manliness. Their tag line is "resolving the lost art of manliness". I feel like there is a lost art to femininity as well, and also just in general there is a lost art to humanity, in many ways. I searched high and low and even e-mailed the creators of AOM, but there really doesn't seem to be a nostalgic blog for women who long for the beauty of yesteryear.

Let me say that there are many "vintage" blogs that showcase vintage clothing, accessories, furniture and the like. There are also quite a few blogs dedicated almost exclusively to homemaking, Biblical femininity, and all things domestic. Neither of these really fit what I was looking for. I definitely want to include those things in this blog, but there are other areas I want address, too.

So, I decided to create the blog I had been so desperately searching for.